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Brothers Grim is a veteran Canadian Hip Hop duo with over 300 live performances, 9 projects and 20+ music videos under their belt. Brothers Grim's music is a reflection of their passion for Hip Hop, and their commitment to staying true to their community and their roots. As underground Hip Hop artists, Brothers Grim hard hitting anthems paired alongside an attention to lyrics have created a loyal and rabid fan base with their music resonating with audiences across Canada and beyond. 

The journey starting in 2007 has taken Brothers Grim across Canada over half a dozen times on National Tours. This includes as a supporting act for the likes of Slaine, Prevail (Swollen Members) & Adlib (Space Kamp) as well as headlining tours of their own. At times the crowds were as large as 15,000 (Vancouver 420 Celebrations) and sometimes as small as 15, but no matter the size of the crowd the Brothers Grim delivered a raw, high energy, in your face performance which converted first time show attendees to lifetime fans. 

Their sound while rooted in the underground has shown diversity throughout their career with the Brothers Grim jumping on classic boom-bap beats to the most cutting edge instrumentals with a diverse group of Canadian producers. Their lyrics often reference their Beverly community from which they were raised and reside while still delivery witty, unique punchlines & flows which keep the listeners guessing and engaged. 

With a decade and a half of experience the Brothers Grim show no signs of stopping and continue to look forward to perform for audiences and connect with people through their music. 

The Brothers Grim are currently working on 'The Book Of Grim' a brand new album exclusively produced by Kryple. Release Date: TBA 

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