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FUTURE IS GRIM INC is the creation of four childhood friends. Born and raised on Northside Edmonton we developed a goal and a vision to incorporate our lifestyle into a company, a brand, a movement. FUTURE IS GRIM INC captures the culture and the environment we grew up in. We offer entertaining and engaging events via our PROMOTIONS with bringing the likes of Twiztid, Snak The Ripper, Non Phixion, ¡MayDay! and many more to Edmonton.  We are a one stop shop for musicians, sport teams & small businesses for their merchandising needs with our VINYL DECALS & SCREENPRINTING services.  We will never forget where we came from which is why our CHARITY focus is so important to us. We are proud to go against the grain. We are counter-culture. The FUTURE IS GRIM. ~ Stephen, Lance, Ralph & Travis #FutureIsGrim 

Thank you for contacting us. We will respond ASAP.

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